270px-Front of V-train

The White Tiger-ish V-Train.

V-Train(백두대간협곡열차, White Head Big Stem Valley Train), is a tour train that uses the O-Train's routes. It was made by Korail, in April 12, 2013. V stands for Valley, where the V-Train uses stations that have valleys. The type is translation: Mugunghwa Small Freight Car. It looks old, but was made in 2013. It is also shaped like a small white tiger, so people call it Baby White Tiger Train.


The V-Train uses a part O-Train's route, starting from Yeongju, passing Bonghwa and Choonyang, stopping at Booncheon, Yangwon, Seungbu, Cheolam, and then going back. It goes back-and-forth one time, when you arrive at Booncheon, you go to Booncheon-Cheolam back and forth 3 times.