R142 (New York City Subway car)
File:5 Train R142.JPG
A R142 train in 5 service departs Gun Hill Road in The Bronx. ----File:R142 interior.jpg
Interior of an R142 car. ----
In service 1999-onward
Manufacturer Bombardier Transportation
Built at Plattsburgh, New York
Constructed 1999-2003
Number built 1,030
Number in service 1,030 (of which 890 are scheduled for service during rush hours)
Formation 5 car sets (2 A cars and 3 B cars)
Fleet numbers 6301-7180, 1101-1250
Capacity 176 (A car)188 (B car)
Operator New York City Subway
Depot(s) East 180th Street Yard, 239th Street Yard, Mosholu Yard
Line(s) served 2 (New York City Subway service)4 (New York City Subway service) and 5 (New York City Subway service)
Car body construction Stainless steel with fiberglass blind end bonnets
Car length 51.33 feet (15.65 m)
Width 8.60 feet (2.62 m)
Height 11.89 feet (3.62 m)
Platform height 3.6458 ft (1.1 m)
Doors 6 per car
Maximum speed 55 miles per hour (89 km/h)
Weight 72,000 pounds (33,000 kg) (A car)66,300 pounds (30,100 kg) (B car)
Acceleration 2.5 MPHPS
Deceleration 2.5 MPHPS (full service),3.2 MPHPS (emergency)
Traction system Alstom ONIX propulsion systemAC Traction Motors model: 4LCA1640A
Power output 147.5 hp (109.9907 kW) per motor axle; 2,065 hp (1,539.8702 kW) per 5 car set
Auxiliaries SAFT 195 AH battery (B car)
Power supply 625 VDC third rail
Braking system(s) Dynamic braking propulsion system; WABCO RT-5 tread brake system
Gauge  standard gauge

The R142 is the model class of the newest generation of IRT cars for the New York City Subway. Built by Bombardier in Plattsburgh, New York and Barre, Vermont from 1999–2002, these 1,030 cars, along with the R142A, are the new backbone of the IRT fleet.

The R142 cars have Alstom ONIX AC propulsion, electronic braking, automatic climate control, and an on-board intercom system. The R142 and the R142A was partly designed by Antenna Design.[1]

The first R142's were delivered in November 1999. Regular service began in mid-2000 after several months of testing. The R142's and R142A's replaced all of the Redbirds—the R26, R28, R29, R33, R33 WF, R36 and R36 WF IRT cars.

There are two types of cars: A (cab at one end) and B (no cabs). A cars are powered with four traction motors each. B cars are powered by two traction motors at number two end (car ends are numbered on the lower body just above the truck). The trains are linked up in A-B-B-B-A sets, but can be linked in 4, 6, 9, or 11 car sets.The R142's currently operate on the 2, 4 and 5 services.


The recorded announcements are by:

  • Jessica Ettinger Gottesman, 1010 WINS Anchor; Announcements on the Lexington Avenue Line
  • Melissa Kliner; Original first-version announcements on the 4 and 5 outside of Manhattan, these have since been re-recorded by Ettinger Gottesman
  • Diane Thompson; Announcements on the Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line
  • Charlie Pellett; "Stand Clear of the Closing doors, please" and various public announcements

Although all were/are news anchors with Bloomberg Radio, their selection did not coincide with the 2001 election of current mayor Michael Bloomberg, as announcements were pre-recorded in 1999. Gottesman is now at 1010 WINS-AM, and Sirius Satellite Radio working with Howard Stern and his Howard 100 news team.

These cars were the first cars with recorded announcements. An announcement for a station and the next stop comes in the configuration of: station name, subway line transfers, connections to other forms of transportation, and if the station has a bus connection to LaGuardia Airport or John F. Kennedy International Airport, the airport bus connections. After the doors open, the announcements tell the destination, line, local or express service, and the next stop.


The example below shows a sample announcement from a Bronx bound 5 (New York City Subway service) Express train, as on the R142s.

(Female) "This is 125th Street." "Transfer is available to the 4 and 6 Trains. Connection is available to the M60 bus to LaGuardia Airport", connection is available to Metro-North.(doors open)

(Female) "This is a Bronx bound 5 Express train. The next stop is 138th Street–Grand Concourse." <Silence> (Male) "Stand clear of the closing doors, please." <Two short warning tones>

(doors close)


Five-car set: Bo'Bo'-Bo'2'-Bo'2'-Bo'2'-Bo'Bo