Nuriro, a trunk-line electric car.

Nuriro or Nooriro(Korean: 누리로) is a train made by Korea Railroad Corporation. It was made in June 1, 2009. Its type was trunk-line electric car, ITX-Saemaul is also a trunk-line electric car, but the type is EMU-150. In present they use Janghang line, which is going from Shinchang Station to Seoul Station. The function is VERY similar to MugunghwaO-Train is the same type and looks very similar to Nuriro.

Nuriro is worst train to travel if you are foreigner as it would be very difficult to ask for seats that are available. Worst of all there is not any listed stations that tells where the train stops. Difficult to access the routes unless you have a friend who is fluent in korean.


They use the same voice actress as Saemaul and Mugunghwa, also same music.