객차형 무궁화호

The primal Mugunghwa train, the engine car is more shaped like the passenger car.

Mugunghwa is a train made by Korea Railroad Corporation, and it was made in December 23, 1983. Mugunghwa means Hibiscus Syriacus (known to the West as Rose-of-Sharon) in Korean. It had similarities to Saemaul, more similar to Nuriro. Its top speed was 140 km/h.


From 1979, the primal power car-shaped Mugunghwa was made, using diesel, called Diesel Excellent Car(DEC), and was stopped in 2001. From 1980, there was the follow-up to the DEC, but using electricity instead, called Electric Excellent Car(EEC), and was stopped in November 1998. A new diesel car has been made in 1985, called New Diesel Car(NDC), and was stopped in 2010. A follow-up to NDC, called Mugunghwa-reserved Commuter Diesel Car(RDC) was used in the present, made from 2008. The original Commuter Diesel Car(CDC) was Tonggun, the slowest train of Korail.


The difference between Tonggun and Mugunghwa RDC is Tonggun is green, while RDC is red. Tonggun's door had two parts of the door, and opens on the inside(much like Korail's normal subways), while RDC had only one, and opens on the outside.

The Mugunghwa's crowning glory are the norebang (Korean karaoke) booths and arcade games in the Mugunghwa dining car.  If you have tickets for standing room only, be sure to grab a spot in the dining car before it gets too crowded - it's a real blast!